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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661


What is a COMSAT?

A COMSAT is a communications satellite. It is an artificial satellite stationed in space to be used for telecommunications ... more

What was the first American communication satellite?

The first American communication satellite was a project called SCORE and was launched in 1958. It used a tape recorder to store and forward voice messages ... more

What are communication satellites used for?

Communication Satellites provided a complementary microwave radio relay technology that works alongside fiber optic submarine communication cables. They can be used in a variety of applications, such as, communications to vehicles, planes or ships as well as hand held terminals. Radio and TV broadcasting also uses communication satellites ... more

What is a Direct Broadcast Satellite?

It is a communications satellite that transmits to small Direct Broadcast Satellite dishes and generally operates in the upper portion of the microwave Ku band ... more

What kind of orbit did Telstar use?

Telstar was placed in an elliptical orbit that rotated above the equator at a 45 degree angle. It completed its orbit every 2 hrs 37 min ... more

What was the first satellite equipped with an on-board radio-transmitter?

The Soviet Sputnik which was launched in 1957 ... more

Why did free speech advocates overturn part of Title V?

Free speech advocates believed that the part of Title V that related to indecent speech would make the use of swear words in literature unlawful when posted to the internet ... more

What is a geostationary satellite?

A geostationary satellite orbits the earth at a constant speed and passes once a day over the equator. To an earth based observer the satellite appears to be in a stationary position ... more

What is a satellite constellation?

A group of satellites working together is known as a satellite constellation ... more

What was the first geostationary satellite launched?

The first true geostationary satellite was the Syncom 3 which was launched on August 19, 1964 ... more

What was the first active, direct relay communications satellite?

Telstar, which belonged to AT&T was launched from Cape Canaveral on July 10, 1962. Telstar was also the first privately sponsored space launch ... more

What are Direct Broadcast Satellites used for?

Direct Broadcast Satellites technology is used for Direct-to-Home satellite TV services. Bell ExpressVu, DirecTV and Sky digital are examples of some companies using this technology ... more

Who is the inventor of the communication satellite?

Arthur C. Clarke is often credited as being the inventor of the communications satellite. He was building on work done by Herman Potocnik (1929) and Konstantin Tsiolkovosky. Arthur C. Clarke published an article in October 1945 titled,"Extra-terrestrial Relays" ... more

Why is the geostationary orbit used for communication applications?

For communication applications such as TV distribution, geostationary orbit is a cost savings investment. Applications that require a great number of ground antennas will use a geostationary satellite because all equipment will operate effectively without any need for expensive equipment to track the satellite ... more

When did Syncom 2 launch?

Syncom 2 launched on July 26,1963. It orbited the earth once a day ... more

What does Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act do?

Section 230 provides added protection for both online users and service providers from action against them for the actions of others. Therefore no users or providers of interactive online sites shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided bu another information content provider ... more

Is crisis communications related to business continuity?

Crisis communications is considered a sub-specialty of business continuity. In the context crisis communication specialists are required to assist organizations in their pursuit of continuity of critical business processes and information flows when faced with disaster, crisis or event driven circumstances ... more

Who introduced Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act?

House representatives Chris Cox (R-CA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced section 230. It passed by a nealy unaminous vote on the floor ... more

What do Crisis Communication professionals do?

In today's 24 hour news cycle of government investigations, parliamentary hearings and lawsuits media firestorms often overwhelm the individual(s) involved and they are unable to effectively respond to the demands of the crisis. When this happens crisis communication specialists are called in to help prepare and guide them through the processes of dealing with various media outlets. Basically, crisis communications professionals are there to aid organizations or individuals with protecting their reputations ... more

Why are Low Earth Orbiting satellites less expensive that geostationary satellites?

LEOs are less expensive than geostationary satellites because they are much closer to the ground and require a lower signal strength. However, for an uninterupted signal many more Low Earth Orbiting satellites are required because their signal strength falls off the farther they are from their source ... more

When was the first television transmission sent over the Pacific Ocean?

In 1964, the geostationary satellite Syncom 3 was used to relay television coverage of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to the United States ... more

What skills do crisis communications specialists have?

Crisis communications specialists are trained as public relation professionals as well as having the skills of investigative reporting, politics and government ... more

What is a LEO?

What is a LEO? ... more

What are Fixed Service Satellites used for?

FSS satellites are used for a variety of different applications. They can be used for broadcast feeds to and from Television networks as well as distributing national cable channels to various cable television headends or control centers. Often schools will use Fixed Service Satellite technology for distance education. Businesses might use the same technology for Videoconferencing, and general commercial telecommunications ... more

How did Title V affect the Internet and all online communications?

Title V affected the internet and online communications in two critical ways. The first way was its attempt to regulate obscenity and indecency in cyberspace. Secondly, it also declared that operators of the Internet services were not to be construed as publishers. Therefore they were not legally liable for the words of the users on their sites. ... more

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661
Email: info@bbgcomm.com
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