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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661

BBG® Hotel and Hospitality

BBG Communications enters into joint ventures with hotels of any size and rating, for the provision of improved and more accessible telecommunication services to its guests, while making it profitable for hotels as well.

BBG's products and services that are offered to hotels are:

A. Operator Assisted Services
B. Pre-Paid Card Services
C. WiFi Networks
D. Broadband Kiosks
E. Consulting Services
F. Hotel has the choice to set their own rates

BBG Communications aims to exceed the expectations of the international tourist for his/her telecommunications needs. We aspire for phone caller satisfaction, by providing easy to use dialing platforms that are rich in billing options. This is a win-win proposition as we also have our hotel-clients in mind, providing them a cost-effective turnkey solution that will reap in a steady flow of income from calls placed by their hotel guests.

1. Operator Assisted Calls

Large telecommunications service providers put restrictions in making long distance collect and credit card calls to countries other than the caller’s home country. As an example, hotel guests generally find themselves not able to complete a call from their hotel room telephones. Not only is this frustrating for guests, this does not bring any extra revenue to hotels.

BBG Communications, Inc. fills this niche. BBG’s services allow hotel guests to have a choice in making a toll free call to a BBG operator who will facilitate & process their credit card, collect call (reverse charge), calling card or third party payment.

If your hotel is a partner of BBG, this feature will be made available for your guests. This allows you to give a better telephone experience for your guests, and a significant share of the revenue generated from these calls will be credited to your account. Hotels would receive a monthly commission from the billable revenue.

This business proposition is a very attractive one indeed. Under your contract with BBG Communications, Inc., there is no requirement for a guaranteed revenue threshold. All programming, marketing and collection expenses are totally under our responsibilities.

Some of the benefits that have allowed BBG Communications to become the premier OAS provider in the industry include the following:

Listed below are some of the benefits that have allowed BBG Communications to become the premier OAS provider in the industry.

A. Increased Revenue for every international operator assisted call.
B. No cost to Hotels, as BBG assumes all associated costs.
C. No risk to Hotels, as BBG assumes all responsibility for the calls as well as the user’s satisfaction.
D. BBG assumes all responsibility for billing and collection of all calls.
E. Local, Regional offices for a dedicated customer service
F. Over 500 multilingual, live operators servicing customers
G. The most extensive billing capabilities options in the market for the end user
H. BBG assumes all marketing and operating costs of the service

2. Pre-Paid Cards

With its license as an international long-distance carrier, BBG is able to develop and distribute telephony products including pre-paid telephone cards in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

High roaming charges and expensive long distance tariffs make pre-paid calling cards as the most preferred for hotel guests and international tourists.
Since our pre-paid cards have been introduced in the market, it has been available almost anywhere. And should you need technical support from us, our flat organizational scheme allows fast response and unmatched business and product flexibility. It would not be an understatement to say that BBG provides you with a no hassle turnkey solution.

3. WiFi Networks

BBG also offers hotels the option to implement WiFi networks installed within their general facilities, such as the lobby, pool area, rooms, business center and conference rooms. BBG has only respect for customer demand. Your hotel’s partnership with us is consistent with the hotel industry’s hospitality and service-orientation, while providing you stable access to the web.

4. Broadband Kiosks

As the Internet, email and instant messaging have now mainstreamed into business and recreational needs, there is an unabated demand for more and better access from anyplace at anytime. Our integrated wireless hotspots at BBG Communication Internet terminals deliver these critical applications to mobile professionals and recreational users at publicly-accessible venues.

As a business owner, hosting BBG's Kiosks, you get to collect revenues from these Internet terminals, every time one of these features is used. Our offer of an exciting suite of pay-per-use features is designed to appeal to business and leisure travelers.

5. Consulting Services

BBG's consulting team is at your call for a comprehensive audit of your current telecommunications operations. What is more, we provide a risk free, no commitment audit for the hotel. Our audits will help you outline many different options that focus on streamlining your processes, reducing costs, and increasing profit levels.

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661
Email: info@bbgcomm.com
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